Sunday, July 25, 2010

a day in the life of VonFuct 7/25/10

woke up in the morning,
NOT feelin' like P. Diddy.
cut short the dream I was having,
where I was sucking on a titty.

looked at the clock,
fucker read seven thirty.
sonofabitch, I'm waking late,
gotta shower, can't go dirty.

rolled out the house,
headed for the LBC,
cycle swap today,
is where I wanna be.

walked a few laps,
bought shit i don't really need.
a David Mann framed centerfold,
and old leather saddle for my next old steed.

a killer little chrome bezel,
and the new issue of DICE.
some back issues of The Horse,
and a Nazi pin for a sweet low price.

tripped out on this crazy front end,
that looked like a plumber built it.
and wished i coulda bought the creeper,
for five Gs, that bike just killed it.

then headed back down south,
for breakfast at the little knight.
now with food in my belly,
just need some sleep and i'll be a'ight.

head home to take a power nap,
since i was going on three hours sleep.
i was out once my head hit the pillow,
no need to be counting sheep.

now i'm back among the living,
after forty minutes of napping.
do a little leather work,
a little tap-tap-tap-tap-tapping.

oh joy, i still have time,
to go to the gym and run.
even though right now,
that doesn't sound all that fun.

but i go in anyway,
and only run six miles in an hour.
then back to the house again,
to take a much needed second shower.

and i still have to work tonight,
so back I go soon to the LK.
come on in if you feel like a drink,
and if you don't, you're gay.

and now here you find me,
in my boxers, smoking weed,
writing stupid, fucking poems
that nobody will even read.


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